Wedding flowers Perth

What could be a wedding without flowers? The choice of flowers for your wedding should be made according to your personality. Whether by color, meaning, aroma or even the concept – you need to know which has more to do with the couple’s style. But, the problem we face is that the flowers keep losing their freshness. We can’t keep them fresh for long. Although it is true that they cannot last us forever, with these FIVE tips we hope that you will be able to keep the Wedding flowers Perth fresh for long time.

Remove the packaging

The decoration of the wedding venue with flowers is something that never goes unnoticed. If the decoration has started at morning and the ceremony will be at afternoon, it is quite possible that the guests will be there till the late-evening. The first steps you take are important if you want to extend the life of the flowers. You have to remove the transparent paper and let the flowers breath, so the air can circulate correctly and the flowers will not have perspiration problems. 

Cut the stems in a bevel

Once you get the flowers from online flowers Perth store, ask your decorator to cut the stems one by one diagonally (according to the decoration) before placing your flowers in a vase or bouquet. The cut can be done with any type of scissors or knife. They do not need to be garden tools. You should increase the surface area through which the flower absorbs water and helps it stay fresh for longer. 

Don’t put too many flowers in one place

Another important point is the number of flowers that we add to our wedding decoration. While it is true that visually it may be better to have a bouquet with more vivid flowers, doing so will reduce its duration. The more specimens we have together, the less space we will leave for the air to circulate correctly. Ask the decorator to use minimum flowers.

Warm water

Often, decorators place a vase full of vivid flowers on the guest’s table. The temperature of the water in the vase in which the flowers rest is vital to prolong their life, and warm water will be your best ally on this path, except in the case of roses (it is best to use cold water). It is suggested to buy good quality wedding Perth flowers online at affordable prices. 

Avoid placing flowers under direct sunlight

We have already designed and prepared a beautiful wedding flower decoration with which to delight our eyes and that of our guests, and now what? Now we must find the perfect place for it, avoiding drafts and direct sunlight. The wedding flowers should be well lit but away from drafts, air conditioners and high heat to stay well hydrated and not dry out easily.