African shows

The movies and TV shows are a great way to spend some quality time with your loved one or even enjoy some alone. Nigerian movies have received great popularity in recent times. You can find the best African movies that suit your liking. Nollywood was designed especially for Africans, so they can enjoy the web series that caters to their specific liking. Thus, finding online platforms that include African web shows and movies is relatively easy. There are movies streaming sites that will allow you to have free access to the top Nigerian movies. If you are searching for the same, then the guide here will help you choose the best.

Top African Shows

African movies are popular for their creativity and the fun they bring to the audience. If you are hoping to enjoy the latest African series, then you can simply look online for those platforms that can provide you with easy access. Besides, there are also some previous releases that are all-time favorites of people. The list here specifies the top 8 options which would be suitable for every mood

  1. I of Africa
  2. The Pearl of Africa
  3. An African City
  4. The Samaritans
  5. The White Folks
  6. African Time
  7. The Nairobians
  8. Ogas At The Top

The list shows the web shows from different genres. You can search for African series online to find these web shows. Whether you are watching web series with your loved one or your kids, there is the perfect option for every age group.

Find a good online streaming platform.

Once you are able to find the streaming platform, it will assure a great viewing experience. You must know that there are both paid and free platforms available. Research here will help you choose the one suitable for the age group and the liking. Netflix surely happens to be one of the top platforms, but it only has some of the African movies. So you can consider different other options like YouTube, FilmHouse, or others to watch your favorite web shows and movies.

In most cases, you will be able to download the movie and enjoy it later. While there are also online streaming platforms. Whether you are looking for Nigerian movies online in 2022 or you plan on enjoying old movies, you will be able to access it all.


If you plan to enjoy a good time watching Nigeria’s latest films, then you need to find a good platform to allow you to enjoy it. Whether you wish to watch the latest African films or the previous releases, there are platforms for it. However, it would be better to research the available platforms and the streaming cost of the same. Remember, you can get high-quality movies available even on free streaming platforms. Make sure you research to save money and enjoy a great viewing experience with your family or your special someone.