timber flooring in Perth

The timber flooring has many advantages. It is available in different colours and styles, which makes it easy for homeowners to pick the right option and update the look of the property. Choosing the right material and type of timber flooring is extremely important to ensure durability and better usage. So when looking for timber flooring in Perth, you must be extra careful to make the right decision. The list here will specify the top options.

Hardwood tempered flooring

They are unsealed and raw forms of timber that differ in depth, colour and colour. This ensures inherent beauty. Most of the flooring options come with preference. This means that they are ready to walk on once they have been installed on the property. It is the most common type of flooring which people choose to make a purchase.

Engineered Timber flooring

In this type of timber flooring, there is a combination of a thin layer of hardboard on the top layer of plywood. This turns out to be an affordable flooring option. They are available in longer and wider sizes. Thus, you won’t require much flooring to cover the entire space in your home. Just search for modern timber flooring, and you can identify a good supplier who will provide quality options.

Parquetry floors

The flooring is made from individual pieces of timber, which are all placed together in a geometric-like pattern. There are different options available in terms of the patterns like a basket weave, score etc. The flooring comes pre-installed. This means the scrapes are installed on the top of the timber subgrade and then stick together. This flooring can be quite an environment-friendly option as it is made from timber cuts.

Bamboo flooring

The plant happens to the fastest-growing one on earrth. Thus, it is a green option for you to consider for the flooring plans. They are manufactured by sticking and slicing the long natural fibres and then using the reconstruction process through pressure, heat and rays. This helps come up with the final result. They are generally harder than other types of flooring and also is cost-effective.

Laminate flooring

Although they do not come under a variety of timber, they give the same feel. It is a synthetic material which generally is combined with natural wood laminate. It is known to be durable and requires less maintenance. If you want to make a good purchase, you have to look for a timber flooring company to find the right manufacturer who will customise the style based on your need.


If you are looking for timber flooring ideas you can find a lot of varieties available online. However, research and your specific need allow you to make a good decision. No doubt the decision is going to be a bit tough given the number of choices, but with proper research, you will get the installation of the best done for your property.