Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair

Air conditioning Problems can occur at the most unexpected times. In most cases, it is during an extremely hot day when the AC is pushed beyond its limit and breaks down. An AC breakdown during such weather can cause great inconvenience. However, such situations can be ignored with proper ac repair services.

A timely repair and maintenance always help avoid costly repairs services as the small issues can be identified before it turns into a serious problem. But what are the signs your AC needs servicing? Here check out the details.

Air Conditioning system is giving out warm air

You don’t purchase your air conditioning unit so that it could just break down and do nothing. The air conditioning has a specific job to perform that is to keep the family comfortable during the hot and sweaty summer seasons. During the extreme months of summer, you will want you air conditioner to function properly. So as soon as you find that your air conditioning is blowing out warm air instead of cool air, contact an HVAC technician immediately.

AC thermostat isn’t working

The thermostat is the command centre of the entire air conditioner. It is a thermostat that communicates with the AC about the amount of cold air. It must give out. It also measures the efficiency of the job. So in case, the air conditioning is taking time before shutting down, or it isn’t turning off at all, then it is a sign that your thermostat isn’t working properly. When the issue arises, make sure to connect with a trained HVAC specialist to get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

Little air blows out of vents

Just like be blow out of warm air, low blow off the air is also an issue. You might feel you are getting cold air when you turn on the air conditioner, but If the air pressure is very weak or it is impossible for the air to circulate around the entire room, then it’s a sign of a failing compressor, or there might be a problem in the ducts. Now, as it is not sure what’s why it is better to contact an HVAC technician for the necessary repairs.

Loud noises From the AC unit

When your air conditioning is making some scraping or squealing sound, there can be an issue with the belt moving inside the unit. Therefore, make sure to contact an HVAC expert as soon as possible to ensure you get timely repairs done.

Strange odours out of AC when turned on

The air conditioning system should not smell bad. But if there is a smell it means there is some problem. It can be due to a burned-out wire in the unit or mould growth in the ductwork. Therefore, call an HVAC company to inspect and perform necessary servicing.


Now that we know what the signs that show you need to call a professional are, it is better that you stay alert. Further, it will be beneficial if you don’t wait for such situations to arise. Better schedule an Ac maintenance service at regular intervals to avoid any hassles in the future.