Taylor soft serve machine

If it’s during the summer days or at odd times during the year, ice cream is enjoyed by all. Taylor makes some of the industry’s best ice cream machines that quickly serve up cold, tasty treats. We have some tips for troubleshooting a Taylor soft serve machine in the unlikely case when your machine isn’t working correctly.

No Product Being Dispensed

If ice cream or mixture is not dispensed during the opening of the draw valve and the system is in AUTO mode, look for the possible causes:

Freeze-up in the mix-Approved service technician’s inlet hole will need to change the mix hopper’s temperature.

If the beater turns counterclockwise from the operator’s end, get it corrected by an approved technician. The beater is spinning counterclockwise.

Too Stiff Commodity

If it is too stiff for the ice cream or combination, look for the following:

No air orifice-See whether the air orifice has been removed or not installed accidentally. Have it mounted in the air tubing by an approved technician.

Viscosity needs to be adjusted to fix the issue; contact an approved technician.

Product is Too Soft

Look for potential problems below if the ice cream or mixture is too soft:

Viscosity needs to be adjusted to fix the issue; contact an approved technician.

Worn scraper blades: With consistent use, the scraper blades wear out. Make sure they are regularly replaced at the first indication of wear.

Expired mix: See if you are out of date with the mix. Dispose of the old batch if it is, and use a fresh mix only.

A dirty condenser will limit the flow of air and overheat the product. To stop this, cleanse the condenser at least once a month.

The mix is Too Cold in the Hopper.

If the mix is too cold inside the Hopper, the mixing hopper’s temperature may not change. An approved service technician would need to correct this.

There’s Warm Mix in the Hopper

If the mix is too warm inside the Hopper, check to see if it is:

An approved service technician must change the temperature of the mix hopper. The temperature of the mix hopper must be adjusted.

The hopper gasket is worn or missing. Following the instructions in the service manual, mount or repair the gasket around the mix hopper.

The hopper cover is off or out of position. Put or change the cover on top of the Hopper.

Leaking from the Door Spout

Missing or worn O-rings draw-valve

Install the new O-rings in the service manual, following the instructions. To stop potential leaks, make sure you replace O-rings regularly.