Old-Age Homes

Nowadays, it is common to use nursing homes as an option for caring for our elderly. In the last seven years till 2020, the number of older adults living in a nursing home or old-age residences has almost tripled. All these places allow family visits and even have their rooms for this.

Nursing homes for better care

Once the decision to do so has been made, we will have to find a site that gives us confidence and guarantees. It is a critical stage in our elders’ lives, in which they will need the best care, affection and attention.

It is why the objective of this search should focus on finding the place where they can feel best cared for and loved outside of their environment, a home where they can continue to enjoy life with the most splendid tranquillity and security that we can give them.

Top five advantages

Among the most significant advantages of living in a nursing home, we would highlight –

Freedom of movement

Today, most of the residences are adapted to people with different types of dependencies or pathologies and even with movement difficulties, thanks to elevators or ramps. In this way, residents do not have to limit themselves when it comes to moving around, going out to get some fresh air in the gardens or moving around the facilities naturally and going through the doors with their wheelchairs if necessary. This facility does not happen on the standard floor due to lack of space and adaptation.

Menus adapted to each resident.

Food is another thing to consider; in the residences, you will find menus prepared daily and adapted to their nutritional needs. They are not usually so careful when it comes to cooking for them at home, nor are they disciplined with meal times, especially if they live alone.

Medical care

It would be almost unthinkable for a single person or merely a family to afford medical care 24 hours a day, every day of the week. However, since many older people live in this type of nursing home, the cost is shared and periodically supervised.


The company is also something that our elders appreciate and much. Social connections are vital for personal well-being. In these centres, they meet people their age, with which they can share hobbies and conversation.

It is another significant advantage of living in residence over living alone in your homes. As if we left them without company in our home while we go to work.

Greater activity

We must bear in mind that the elderly will be more active in these places than in their homes or ours. In many residences, they have recreational activities with people who organize them. Mental stimulation is a must. Some programs include exercises, social gatherings and scheduled excursions to different charming places. In some centres, the facilities are equipped with swimming pools and gyms to not lose capacities due to inactivity.


Residences for the elderly should be considered a good option in any case of need, mostly if they live alone. Their family members do not have the time necessary to take care of them and accompany them. It is suggested to select a nursing home near you so that you reach there immediately on emergencies.