Bonded Warehousing

As a business owner shipping overseas, you must make sure that you have a reliable housing solution. The companies who are into international shipping generally use bonded warehouse facilities in Netherland for their product storage for shipping.

Custom warehousing in the Netherlands is entirely optional, but it guarantees that the products are legally and safely transferred to the destination. If you are not sure if bonded warehousing is right for you, check out the top 5 reasons to consider bonded warehousing in Netherland.

Tax-Deferred until the goods are moved

The payment for any VAT or duty tax for the products kept in a bonded warehouse needs to be made only after the goods have been moved out of the warehouse for sale. The warehouse manager offers the bond for the period when the product will be stored in the warehouse. Thus, this ensures that you won’t face any revenue loss if your current goods are removed from the bonded storage facility.

Long term advance storage facilities

While most of the bonded warehouses come up with a term of three years to store the goods, you can also enjoy many other latest tech storage facilities installed in the warehouse to preserve your products’ quality. Some of these include dry containers, state-of-the-art freezer system, and the facility for bulk storage, which are all designed specifically for various clients’ storage.

Long term savings

As the taxes are deferred while you use a bonded storage in Netherland, you will save thousands of dollars. You need to pay tax only on the products ready for shipment or out for sale. Also, the goods planned for re-export will not be charged duty. Now that VAT is charged only on the goods that are being transported to the final destination for sales, many business owners and traders have started to save about 30% of their money.

Storage of any type of good

No matter the type of product or material you want to store in the bonded warehouse, they have got every necessary facilities and equipment to keep up with your products’ quality. Further, the size or quantity of your goods or its sensitivity the bonded warehouse is equipped to store all the variable materials goods or products in a completely secure and safe environment.

Enjoy a safe and secure storage of goods

Bonded warehouses are known to offer a secured and safe storage facility. There is a security person on duty for 24 hours while special freezer storage of the facility is checked timely to ensure the sensitive goods remains stored in the warehouse under the safest quality standards. So when you take a bonded warehouse facility for the storage of goods, you will be enjoying temperature and dust control environment that comes together with 24/7 security with CCTV facilities.


It is thus clear that taking a bonded warehouse facility in Netherland can be very beneficial for a business firm. The warehouses from saving money to ensuring the quality of goods will do everything for the traders at an entirely fair and affordable price. So why wait and spend money or other storage facilities then you can save money with bonded warehouse facilities in Netherland.