Heartbreaks are challenging. No matter who broke up, the end of a good relationship is heartbreaking. Your mind and body might feel it is going through a withdrawal and your motivation level reaches its low point. But on the positive side of this, jarring shifts in can be a solid starting point for some serious growth. This is why weeks or months after a breakup is the right time to embark on the yoga retreat you always have willing to take. Yoga can be very helpful for you during this time as you get to practice happy boosting workouts while emphasizing flexibility, patience, and mindfulness. So here check out top yoga retreat centers that are perfect for heartbreaks.

Spreading Our Wings Retreat, Georgia

The lady running the Retreat can relate with you. As the relief enneagram teacher, she identifies the person’s Enneagram type and then teaches how to use the findings in day to day life. When not involved in workshops, you can enjoy your time doing guide energy work by hiking trails on the site’s 200 acres area, or can capture beauty of the locationfrom mountain tops, cottages or campsites.

Gracefully Divorcing Retreat, Belize

Divorce undoubtedly can bring and great emotional drama. From legal battles to high fees and the way your parent’s behavior changes, everything affects you. During such a period when you visit this retreat center Paulette Gloria Hardwood who is a certified divorce coach, will help you tackle it all gracefully. At the center, in between yoga classes, you can get time with expert financial planners or career coaches who will help you plan your life ahead well.

Abundant Being Retreat, Bali

In case you are looking for Eat Pray Love type of cure, then this retreat is perfect for you. Abundant being adventure focuses on the heart with the teachings inspired by Anusara and activities engaging various nature enabled elements during the healing journey. Beyond yoga, you are going to get therapies in the form of hikes to powerful places like sacred Mount Batur and TirtaEmpul.

Renew Breakup Bootcamp, Malibu, CA

This retreat center is famous for dealing with heartbreaks from the inside out. With a team of psychologists, various spiritual healers, nutrition and fitness gurus, and certified yoginis, the retreat center has helped a lot of people deal efficiently with their heartbreaks. When you walk out of the center, you are going to take with yourself tools that help build healthier ties starting with the relationship with yourself.


Visiting a retreat center undoubtedly is the best way to deal with heartbreak or various other issues. Just with a week of retreat plan, you are going to come out entirely freshen up with a whole new level of energy that will see positivity in everything. So, if you have recently dealt with heartbreak and it is challenging for you, then better book yourself or retreat at any of these centers for a new start.