gift ideas

Holidays get extra special when you are spending them with your family. But gifting during a festival, buying gifts for all of them can get tough.

Sometimes there are many people in the family, and buying gifts for all of them can be expensive and also time-consuming. There is a budget for every family member, and sometimes improper gifts can lead to awkwardness when the gifts are opened.

These are some of the many reasons why gift exchanging in families are so common. A well-planned gift exchanging takes the stress of your Christmas shopping and adds entertainment to the family gathering. Here is some family gift exchanging ideas to consider for the holiday season.

Drawing Names

Starting with the simplest of all gift exchanging practices. Many families draw names out of a hat on the occasions, with each person buying gifts for the only person whose name they draw.

The gift price is set at a level that everyone can afford but is just high enough to buy something nice and not a token gift. Each person makes a Wishlist of things they want and pass it on to the person who’s buying for them.

It might not be the most innovative option for a gift exchange, but it is an easy way to solve the problem of buying for too many people.

Secret Santa

Making the name-drawing game a bit more exciting, Secret Santa is one of the most popular gift exchange games, especially for Christmas. Instead of revealing which name they drew, participants keep it a secret until the gift is opened on Christmas. After each participant opens their gifts, it is customary for them to guess who they received the gift from.

Sometimes, the participants leave little notes with clues in them for the giftee to understand who their Secret Santa is.

Grab Bag

This is probably the most straightforward way of gift exchanging. Each member of the family brings a gift well wrapped and places them in a bag which is kept hidden. Then each person chooses a gift from the bag solely on what the present seems like from the outside and unwraps it while the others watch.

The members of the family are encouraged to wrap their gifts in unusual sizes to intrigue the others and maintain the element of surprise.

One Big Gift

This is a very warm practice in families. This is not precisely gift exchanging, but one big gift is a very popular practice in families where the rate of income in the family varies a lot from person to person.

Everyone pools their gift money together, and without buying individual gifts, the money is used for something everyone can enjoy equally. This could mean renting a cabin for the holidays or going to a sporting event or other special treats.

Although a great idea, it does not always work out because it can be very difficult to get everyone on the same page; it is excellent when it does.