Electrical Stimulator

The spinal cord is the vital component of human anatomy and deals with movement and proper muscle functioning. Further, if you have met a terrible accident and injured your spine the electrical muscle stimulator might be used for recovery. Moreover, this brainchild of biotechnology has helped many patients to normalcy.

Knowhow EMS Muscle Stimulator Works

Spinal cord injuries can be subjected to therapy called EMS. Further, muscle contraction and relaxation are induced by steady electric shock waves over a prolonged period. However, repetitive contraction and relaxation enhance blood circulation around the affected zone. Over time, the muscle gets strengthened. Further, the electric signal is directed straightway by the brain.

What Is The Most Common Complication That Develops Post SCI

The most common complication noted after SCI (spinal cord injury) is pressure ulcer. Further, it could be a long-term ailment if not diagnosed and treated properly. The other complication is paralysis and numbness of limbs. However, EMS (electric muscle stimulator) can provide some relief. Moreover, it is vital for reigning normal life.

What Do You Know About Muscle Stimulators?

The tissues that are connected with bones that allow you to make a move is the muscle. With the use of therapy, the muscles can be made stronger to inhibit better blood circulation. Further, muscle stimulators with electric conjunction provide a good therapy for the injured spinal cord.

Muscle Stimulator Pad at a Glance

Also known as EMS or E-stim, they send an electrical impulse to the muscles which in turn strengthens the muscles. Further, the pads are fixed on the skin around the area identified for treatment. The muscle stimulator pad acts as an electrode on the skin and receives signals from the central nervous system. Subsequently strengthens the muscle through contraction and relaxation.

What Kind of Electric Current Are Used in EMS

It is a faradic current that is used in EMS therapy. Moreover, it is a faradic current that gets surged and generates tetanic contraction and henceforth relaxation of the muscles. Further, it is a short-duration interrupted direct current with a frequency of 50-100 Hz. Additionally, the pulse rate is 0.1 to 1ms. However, treatment with a faradic current is also termed Faradism. Moreover, muscle stimulation therapy is facilitated by this kind of electric supply.

Benefit of EMS

It is a therapy beneficial to restoring the functioning of the upper and lower limb due to some injury. Additionally, certain body functions may be lost for injuries from respiratory, bowel movements, etc. Further, we can conclude that EMS benefits in regaining muscle strength, it also helps you to live on your own.


Advancement in the field is quite visible. The USA records most of the accidents that render spinal injury. However, returning to normal life using EMS therapy. Further, in the treatment faradic electric current is used. Moreover, the pads which clog the skin help in the contraction and relaxation of muscles. Finally strengthening the muscle. Hence don’t get demoralized if you get a spinal cord injury, the EMS therapy can help.