NIPT test

About ten to twelve weeks into pregnancy, your doctor might discuss taking a NIPT (Non-invasive Prenatal Testing) with you. This non-invasive prenatal screening is used to screen for chromosome irregularity in your growing baby. At the same time, it lets you answer that all-important inquiry: is it a boy or girl?

Suppose this puts a sparkle in your eye and gets you daydreaming about the most excellent gender reveal party. In that case, there’s something to think about before taking a gender prediction test. NIPT scans are often elective tests that not all pregnant women will be offered or ready for, and there are other types of NIPT tests to be aware of.

How Does the NIPT Test Identify your Baby’s Gender?

With panorama nipt west Yorkshire, our early gender test uses blood from a blood draw or a little finger prick (if you choose an at-home kit). Back at Labs, the blood sample is examined for male DNA or Y chromosomes. Since mom wouldn’t have any Y chromosomes in her blood unless she’s having a boy, the test only has to detect their existence rather than run a statistical analysis like other NIPTs. Because of this, less fetal trace is needed to return a boy or girl result, and the test can be run in 1 day rather than 1 to 2 weeks. That indicates results are returned quickly!

In sum, the test simply asks: Are there, or are there not, any Y chromosomes in the blood sample?

• If the test catches even a tiny Y chromosome, the baby is a boy!
• The baby is a girl if no male chromosomes are noticed in the blood sample!

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, these genders reveal tests are 99.9% correct as early as 6 weeks pregnant—weeks earlier than a provider-ordered NIPT test. The best part? You can do this from the convenience of your home and find the baby’s gender without an ultrasound.

How to Take an Early Gender DNA Test –

If you want to find your baby’s gender and start planning for their coming, We offer two ways to complete this test:

• At-home test – You can do your nipt blood test from the comfort of your home with the At-Home Early Gender DNA Test. The gender blood test kit includes everything you need to take the test and a prepaid recovery label to send your sample back to our Labs. In this way, you’ll learn your baby’s gender within days.

• Clinical test – If you choose to have a phlebotomist draw your blood, you can visit our clinical early gender iona nipt test location and learn your baby’s gender within days.

If you’re ready, you can request your test today and know whether your little world is a boy or girl sooner than ever.

Conclusion –

NIPT is a test that can specify fetal sex in pregnancies at grown risk of X-linked recessive disorders. The diagnostic accuracy of the NIPT test for fetal sex conclusion is very high. Testing in the 7th gestational week or later delivers more reliable results than testing before week 7. Implementing NIPT will potentially decrease 42% of invasive tests carried out in this group of pregnant women.