private hard money real estate loans

A real estate investment no doubt can be highly beneficial. However, this requires funding. If you are in need of money, then you can consider looking for private hard money real estate loans. It gives security, flexibility, and speed, which makes it appealing. But you have to fulfill certain requirements to get the loan amount. Here are the top 7 of the requirements.

1. A reasonable down payment

You must know that the hard money loan down payment can be larger than the traditional mortgage. Here in the down payment is the difference between the purchase price, including the budget, and 70% of the ARB. Remember you also have to cover closing costs, insurance, underwriting expenses and other fees. So before you search for real estate hard money lenders make sure you are prepared with a good down payment.

2. Set up an LLC

Real estate investment can be pretty tricky. If the project does not go as planned, you might face some challenges. Thus, you must set up an LLC long before your investment. It will help protect personal assets and limit the risk.

3. Find a good lender

When looking for a loan to make an investment for the property, you must find a suitable hard money lender. Remember, not all of them are equal. You need to compare them in terms of reputation, affordability, speed, and location to get yourself the best.

4. Proof of income

When you choose to look for hard money lenders in Phoenix, Arizona, you must know that they will ask you for proof of your income. Although there is less paperwork required, you will have to keep aside a credit or asset as a mortgage for getting the loan. This helps the lender understand to make monthly payments.

5. Good repayment strategy

You will have the right to decide on the repayment option. This can either be with 12 months or 24 months. But for some projects, you need to have a proper plan. This will assure you specify the details to the lender and help him understands how you will be paying the amount.

6. Apply

This is time for you to research private money lenders for residential real estate and find a professional for the support. The application process, no doubt, can be quite easy, but you need to go for pre-qualification so that when opportunities strike, you are able to make the most of it.

7. Complete the paperwork

It is essential to sit with your attorney and discuss things properly. Further, you have to see if all the essential information is disclosed in the paperwork. This must include the repayment term, interest, Loan amount etc.


Getting private hard money real estate loans can be easy for you when you are well prepared. Make sure you research well about the requirements in advance and have all the paperwork ready. Also, you will have to research the right hard money lenders who can fulfill your requirement.