Stainless Steel Prep Table

Finding the right work table for the commercial kitchen of your business is critical to your kitchen’s  efficiency. Work benches are available in dozens of sizes with a variety of options, including shelves and backsplashes, and can have square, rounded or countertop corners to meet virtually any need. To know the specific properties of the stainless steel bench you want to purchase, you can quickly locate all the tables that meet your specifications after reading this article . To make sure you take good care of your precious stainless steel, be sure to check out the below guidelines.

How to Choose?

1- Open Base or under shelf?

Whether you want a workbench with an open base or one with a base plate depends on your specific requirements. For example, commercial open-base work tables are good if you want to have a wheeled ingredient container or two handles since they roll right under the table. A work table with a lower shelf provides a convenient place for small appliances or food storage boxes.

2- Galvanised or stainless steel base plate

If you are looking for a work table with a base plate, you can choose between a galvanised steel base plate or stainless steel base plate. Tables with a galvanised shelf are usually also available with galvanised steel legs and plastic round feet, and are particularly popular because they cost a little less than a stainless steel table. Stainless steel benches are a necessity for the hospitality industry, especially when dealing with food or corrosion issues. Stainless steel is the elegant, optimal and overall smart solution. Federal Hospitality Equipment offers the best diverse commercial kitchen equipment all over New Zealand and Australia

3- Backsplash

If you want to position your commercial work table on a wall, it is a good idea to choose one with a backup platform to protect the wall from drops and syringes, facilitating cleaning. Just as these prep tables will function later in your kitchen, it is very important that the design is carefully planned. 

Determining the size and type of equipment to be installed in the room will help you measure the required workbench or shelf that you need to fill spaces. Before purchasing, determine how the stainless steel prep table will be used so you can choose the best steel for your needs. 

Every busy kitchen needs a dedicated countertop space for everything from food prep to appliance stations to active appliance space base while at the same time providing the strange overflow scenario. It can be a complex equation with many moving parts. By imagining your menu and how it will be prepared, you can get an idea of ​​what type of kitchen worktops and how much counter space is best suited for your restaurant. At Federal Hospitality Equipment, you will be offered to have and explore all kinds of proficient stainless steel kitchen prep tables with salamander benches, flat benches, mobile benches, backsplash benches, and dishwasher benches. You won’t find such a diverse and extensive line of stainless steel benches anywhere else than at Federal Hospitality Equipment.