Emotional Trauma

Trauma in any form or any time in life from childhood to the present day is a scar that is formed on a person’s self. Sometimes, this scar goes deeper than it may seem. It may infiltrate a person’s conscience and leave long-lasting wounds that hurt in ways even the person themselves would not know or understand for a long time or may never become aware of at all.

Emotional or any other form of psychological trauma may be caused due to any stressor in a person’s life, for example, an accident leading to a physical injury, a crime scene that the person was a part of or had seen happening, a disturbed family. Coping with these events can be difficult and may sometimes take years. But the silver lining in this sky filled with clouds of darkness and gloom is that healing from emotional trauma will always be an option, especially through therapy that helps with emotional trauma or other practices like emotional code. Listed below are various methods for one to get through emotional trauma.

STEP 1: Get involved in some sort of physical activity

Trauma tends to disrupt our body’s equilibrium. It activates our body’s sympathetic system and puts us in a fight or flight situation. To get over this one must try and relax mindfully and doing any form of physical activity helps a lot. It may be a yoga session, a run around the block, or hitting the gym. Practicing self-care and taking care of the diet during times of duress have also proven to be useful.

STEP 2: Do not isolate yourself.

It is a known pattern to withdraw yourselves from any human connection after some sort of trauma. To avoid this, try and ask for support from friends, family, loved ones, or the volunteer organizations that provide help. Making a human connection in a situation like this may prove to be helpful and can lead you onto the path of healing.

STEP 3: Therapy for emotional trauma.

Recovery from any form of psychological trauma can be a long road. Taking professional help is always recommended.

Especially in conditions when you are feeling overwhelmed by the weight of your thoughts. Therapy that helps with trauma ranges from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Family Therapy which helps people get through their journeys of healing.

STEP 4: Emotional Code

Emotional code reading is one way of alleviating the discomfort and the emotional baggage that is stored within your body. This technique is an energy-based therapy that releases the trapped emotions related to any sort of trauma.

This form of recovery involves discovering the emotions by navigating your subconscious mind and then exposing them via questioning and muscle testing by an emotional code practitioner. These emotions are then released by a combination of modern technology and principles of ancient medicine, thereafter restoring the physical and emotional balance.

STEP 5: Regulating your nervous system

It does not matter how out of control you feel over your body, you should always know that you will always be the captain of this ship, which means you can always change how your sympathetic system works or at least try and steer it into a direction that works for you. This can be done by practicing mindfulness. This involves being aware of your breathing and trusting yourself. This activity helps you calm your mind, and grounds you helps you find some peace amongst the turmoil of emotions going within.