Timber Flooring Design

Wooden material, especially timbers when used for interior decors at home, offers a classic design feature. Timbers are a great option to be used as benchtops, flooring wall features, joinery items, furniture pieces and much more. In fact, it is an extremely versatile building material that has been used since the early ages as it is a natural material anyone can easily find but is still the perfect choice of modern interiors.

But why exactly is timber loved by everyone for interior decorations, or what are the reasons architects, designers love referring back to this incredible material. Here let’s take a look at the benefit of timber for interior purpose.

  1.         Aesthetics

Most importantly, the timber’s ascetic is like no other product. It is natural and comes with unpredictable grain designs that have their own unique colors. So when you use timber, you won’t find two timber pieces similar. It is the texture of timber, which gives it its uniqueness and a natural shape created from the trunk of a tree. Thus, it can be said it’s an unpredictable texture. It is the uniqueness and beautiful shapes that make timber one of the most loved material for interiors.

  1.         Versatility

Not only is timber aesthetically pleasing, but it is also a versatile material. One can find timber in a number of shapes and forms. While timber is most popularly used for flooring as it offers a strong, sturdy base to walk on. It has become quite a popular trend among interior designers for making sculptures for walls as it makes for an attractive statement which, when using the right way, can offer fun and interesting features. The best part is it can be used in a number of structural ways like furniture pieces or landscaping features, or joinery items as it helps seamlessly coordinates the locked together.

  1.         Sustainable

Timber is a naturally occurring product, and so it is quite sustainable in today’s time. The rule is if you cut 1 tree, you have to plant another 2, and so if you continue to be environmentally conscious, then timber offers a great sustainable resource.

  1.         Timeless

The timeless feature of the timber is something that is often overlooked by many people. These days people are after the latest trends, which get old after a season or a month, but timber is a product that remains timeless and a classic component even after years. In fact, the material has a beautiful aging process with which it starts gaining authenticity of the texture.

  1.         Bring the outside inside

As wood is an Earth material adding timber to the interior is a great way to bring inside the outdoor. This will make your interiors reflect the exterior beauty of nature while complimenting the outdoors.


With all this being said now, there must be no questions left as to why timber still is one of the most popular materials for the interior. So the next time you decide to change your interiors, try incorporating timber in your interiors for a more classic yet aesthetically pleasing look.