Nigerian Movies Online

The Nigerian film industry, globally known as Nollywood, has been on the rise over the last decade. This is why I will be sharing platforms to stream Nollywood movies in the best quality you would love to watch.

I’m a big supporter of Nigerian Nollywood movies. So I felt it would be wonderful to share the sites I use to download and watch the latest Nollywood movies for free.

Some websites I’ll share can also be utilized to watch Nollywood and some Ghanaian and other latest African movies online.

Best Websites To Watch Nigerian Nollywood Movies For Free –


The Netnaija is one of the best platforms to quickly find both Nigerian and trending foreign movies for free. In addition, this website is perfect for the online platform Nollywood streaming and other films from other genres.
They also offer the opportunity to watch yawa comedy movies, comedy clips, and football highlights. They also give you the latest entertainment gist, audio music downloads, and videos.

IROKO Tv and the App –

This has to be the largest platform for the online platform Nollywood streaming. You can also use the iRokoTV app to access many Nollywood movies from your smartphone. And you can visit the IROKO TV official site to enjoy unique and new film content.

NollyLand –

One of the perfect latest African movies online platforms with a fantastic user interface. You can watch Nollywood movies or download them.
NollyLand is an authorized way to watch and download the latest and old Nigerian films. It is one of Nigeria’s most good sites to download and watch Nollywood movies.

RealNollyTv –

The site brings you free Yawa 2 comedy movies. It is one of the smoothest platforms to watch Nigerian films. Although there is a signup process before you can access everything.

After the signup, you can now access all types of Nigerian movies, both the new and the old film in the Nollywood industry.

IbakaTV –

There are lots of Nigerian Nollywood movies on the IbakaTV app. It is open for both Android and IOS users.
You can download it directly to your phone with the app. You can also go to their official website to start watching your favorite movies.

DeloniferaTV –

DeloniferaTV is a Nollywood streaming platform that provides free and paid worldwide African movies.
Not just that, they have an app you can use to watch Movies anytime, any day. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Conclusion –

All the websites detailed above can be used to watch Nollywood and other foreign movies, and it is for free.
Some of these websites offer more than just films; they upload other engaging content and are always up to date.
Suppose you are the type that adores music or seasonal movies and you want to watch in HD. In that case, any of these Nollywood streaming platforms will serve you more than you think.