physical security audit

Physical security audit and assessment is an extremely significant factor in protecting the assets and the employees of an organization. Without a proper arrangement of physical security audit and assessment, it is exceptionally difficult to oversee an organization’s security without exposing it to very high risk. Being secure is very important for small businesses and big organizations. To avoid putting your company in the wong track, you must get a Physical Security Audit and Assessment especially if you’re based out in the GCC Region. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman are the 6 coutries that make up the GCC Region and if you’re based out in any of these locations your security has to be the top of the line. GCC’s oil and gas reserves are a big asset to the world and to secure such important resources is no easy task.

Why should you get Physical Security Audit and Assessment done?

As the name suggests, a physical security audit and assessment is a thorough evaluaiton of your companies security system. Every aspect of your security system is broken down and assesses if it’s equipped to deal modern day threats. Since the future is digital, along with physical security, cyber security of your establishment is also evaluated. All cyber security threats are analyzed, strategies to fight future threats are conceptualized and complete cyber defense services are provided.

A Security Operations Center(SOC) is set up in the organization which is a team that is responsible to detect, prevent, investigate and respond to cyber threats that may arise. They provide data protection to the company and it’s customers.

Don’t delay getting a Physical Security Audit and Assessment done

Such audits and assessments should be done regularly as to safeguard your company and it’s assets as well as the assets of the employees who show upto work knowing that it’s a safe space to do their job. It’s impossible to run a business without securing it against any risks. So it’s worth the cost to get your system audited as you can make imporvements and grow in the long run as more and more customers will be comfortable sharing their personal information with your business. Physical security as well as cyber security are both essential in the modern day and age of technology where everything is run online.

Aspects of Physical Security Audit-

1. Authorized access- Only authorized individuals are given access to the company premises and datebases provided they provide company issues ID card and access passes.

2. Surveillance- Company grounds are under surveillance 24/7 to ensure the safety of its employees and to have a record of all activity. Warehouses and facilities are under surveillance to detect any intrusions.

3. Testing- Often mock tests are run to check the employees response against such attacks, be it physical or cyber. It is done to make sure that the employees are always ready to defend the company and themselves.

Although there are a million good reasons a physical security audit is important, perhaps the most relevant to all people everywhere — regardless of data or regulations — is bodily safety.