key lock box

What Is a Key Lock Box?

Suppose you have to rush towards your friend’s home for an emergency and your mother is at the supermarket. You are wondering about where to keep the keys. Here’s when the key lock box comes in. The key lock box is a small container spacious enough to fit in a key. You drop in the key and lock the box with a security code. This gadget could be hung with your front door handle or you can permanently mount it into the wall for often use. These tech gadgets are quite easy to use. Nowadays a key lock box is a must-have gadget for your house. There are various types and designs of key lock boxes available such as push-button locks, wheel models, dial models, etc.

How Does a Key Lock Box Work?

The technology used in building key lock boxes has evolved over years. The latest key lock boxes operate with sound and no physical touch. Further, there are also key boxes that can be operated with time attendance. In other words, you can put the keys in the box and set a code for a certain time. After that specific time, the code expires. Some key lock boxes can be paired with your cell phone and you can operate the same through an application.

Most Used Key Lock Boxes

1. Master Lock

The master lock key safe is larger as compared to average key lock boxes and spacious enough to hold over 4 keys. It consists of 4 dials similar to that of a suitcase. You can set a four-digit code to lock and unlock the box to retrieve the keys. Additionally, the dial can be covered with a shutter to save it from any kind of damage. Apart from this, it is scratch-proof.

2. Kingsley

The Kingsley key lock boxes are strongly built. The space of this key lock box is average to fit in 1-2 keys. The combination is easy to set and reset for multiple uses.


The supra key lock box can hold 1-2 keys. It is built appropriately to be weather resistant. It has a solid body and you have as many as 1000 combinations to choose your code from.

4. Buteny

The Buteny key lock boxes are rust-resistant. These boxes are large with a maximum storage capacity of up to four keys. These are easy to install but may not be durable.

To sum it all up, key lock boxes are a necessity for houses keeping security and safety into consideration. According to sources, houses with key security safes are more likely to get on the listings and hence get more visitors. Also, these are the first choice of real estate agents. You can easily buy the key lock boxes online where you’ll have different sizes, shapes, and brands to choose from. There are many more gadgets such as currency counting machines, security safes, id card printers, etc. are trending.