Sterling Silver Jewellery

Jewellery is like an extra flavour that adds a spark to what’s already there. Whether it’s a pendant, necklace or earrings, jewellery pieces of different material can do wonders and enhance the overall look of the outfit greatly. So if you are searching for a versatile and beautiful piece of jewellery that offers you great value for money then gold plated sterling silver jewellery in the UK is the right choice for you. While if you are not sure about it, then here are the top reasons why handmade silver and Gold jewellery is the next best thing you can have.


Whether it be a summer dress or your formal office, wearing a piece of handmade silver or gold jewellery makes the perfect choice for any outfit. The subtle colour of the piece when paired with any precious stone, will look great. This is why you can find the latest trends shifting to gold plated sterling silver jewellery in the UK. If you wish to spice up your outfit, you can simply pair a sterling silver chain with a heavy pendant to get a dramatic effect. While for a pretty yet delicate look, you can go for a crystal pendant in subtle shades.


Pure silver is a soft metal that can easily be moulded with other metals for making sterling silver. This results in the formation of a durable, hard metal which is a better candidate for making fashion jewellery. It has become so popular that you can find some of the trendy jewellery designs made out of sterling silver.

All-day appeal 

While there are some pieces that might look good on occasions or a specific time, a sterling silver piece can be worn all day long. No matter you are going to a late-night party or for a brunch your sterling silver necklace will work great for both the occasions.


The jewellery makes from expensive metals is undoubtedly an investment which keeps our collection limited. However, sterling silver is different. The metal is less expensive but in no way compromise on the durability or beauty. Thus, this means that you can now not only purchase more jewellery in the same budget but also can update your collection anytime.

Easy to maintain

Besides being an affordable option, one of the greatest advantages of sterling silver is it’s easy to maintain the property. Pure silver can easily tarnish when exposed to air, but it is quite different with sterling silver as it is a harder alloy, and thus, it does not spoil that easily. This means that your collection of gold plated sterling silver jewellery in the UK will remain to tarnish free for years and years.


It is now clear why sterling silver pieces are gaining more and more popularity these days. So wait not and make your purchase for sterling silver pieces to update your jewellery wardrobe at a much affordable price.