CV Writing Tips

When it is announced that a vacancy is open and the job description and other information about the position, an email is left for the candidate to send his resume, in a few minutes, the messages start to arrive in the recruiter’s email box and then the selection process for a possible interview begins. But, unfortunately, you are not getting any responses from the recruiters. To find out why we bring you the top 10 reasons why your CV gets rejected. Following these recommendations, you will be able to cross-check your resume for the next job application.

  1. E-mails with several recipients

Of course, when a candidate wants a job, he begins to send resumes to several email addresses to be called for an interview. The result is that the recruiter receives the Cc e-mail with the resume and realizes that the candidate has sent it to the other 50 companies besides him.

  1. It only lists tasks and responsibilities, but no results.

Any recruiter knows the main activities in each area, so your CV will not be attractive enough if you don’t list the main achievements, results obtained, and projects implemented in your career.

  1. .DOC or .PDF extension

A resume, document or attachment must be sent with the. PDF extension. It makes it easy for the recruiter to download the file, read, print and archives it. What happens is that resume written in Word is not a visualization program.

  1. Presentation of the curriculum

The file was sent correctly, but the formatting was amateurish. Spelling errors, texts without alignment, and inappropriate sources make the recruiter understand that they do not even master the basics.

  1. Incompatibility of training or experience

Another point that discards the resume is the incompatibility between the profiles of the vacancy with the curriculum. If the vacancy is in  ​​Information Technology, a curriculum without these requirements will be discarded.

  1. It is very extensive.

Sometimes less is more. A 2-page resume is enough for most areas of expertise. Be critical and realistic: a busy professional will not read anyone’s 7-page overview. Do not describe EVERYTHING you have done; focus only on the most significant achievements.

  1. It includes unnecessary details.

The number of children, number of documents, membership, photos, and high school may sound lack of professionalism. It wastes space with irrelevant data.

  1. Sending curriculum out of season

Another reason for the rejection could be sending your CV for the post which has already filled. People from job groups on social media and job-portals quickly pass on job information, and it becomes a chain. So, it is highly recommended that you confirm the last date of entry, and send the e-mail to the recruiter.

  1. It is full of paragraphs instead of bullet points.

At first glance, recruiters scan your resume and do not read word for word. With the CV written in paragraphs, it becomes even more difficult for them to identify any word or aspect that attracts attention.

  1. The candidate does not pay attention.

If the vacancy advertised is for males, the resumes of women are automatically discarded or archived. Reading the job description is critical. If you don’t have a clear objective, the chances of your resume “getting lost” amid the thousands of CVs sent every day is enormous.

So, these are the possible ten reasons that describe why your CV gets rejected. Check each aspect and do the needful.