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Black Ops Cold War Strategy Guide

Black Ops Cold War

Good news, for computer game enthusiasts. Call of Duty: Black Ops III is the topmost game introduced in 2015. During that time, black ops 3 became a top-selling game in the US. As per NPD’s figures. The games can work with Windows, PS3 and PS4, Xbox, etc. As per customers, the game shows too much violence. However, the game is easy to play and worth adding to expand your games library.

Know About Black Ops Cold War

It is the third inclusion in black ops after Versions I and II, where the bots are returning. The bots are smarter than those in earlier versions. In the black ops II version, the bot was not able to play party games or search and destroy. However, the black ops cold war bot lobby allows it to do so. Moreover, if you use PS4 or Xbox, a maximum of 17 bots can be added. Whereas for PS3 and Xbox 360 only 11 bots will be added. There are four levels of difficulties for the bots, Recruit, Regular, Hardened, and Veterans. While the veterans are strongest they are equipped with special skills. However, the Recruit bots are weak and bear breakable weapons.

How Many Players Are Allowed For Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3?

Maximum 4 players can jointly play the game if you have a split-screen configuration. The black ops 3 multiplayer, suggest more than one player can the warfares.

Know About Zombies In Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3

In the earlier versions of black ops zombies were not there. However, they are back in black ops 3 zombies. Moreover, these are idealized from Zombie Chronicles.

The Features Of the Black Ops Game

The game resembles the volatile political Cold War that happened in the 1980s. Moreover, the game allows the single-player historic characters who fought the battle that extended from East Berlin, Vietnam, Turkey, and Soviet KGB headquarters. The game allows the players to recognize iconic characters like Woods, Hudson, and Mason and new operatives who wanted to control the invasion. The game allows Perseus who wants to destabilize the whole global power. Enjoy playing the game with the zombies and new weapon additions.

Know More Of Game Play

Strategies for success followed by earlier series. The most captive areas happen to be the shootout scenes between the player and NPD. The new version i.e call of duty: black ops 3 has lots of changes to the earlier versions. The new benefits are movements like jumping, running, etc. Earlier only single players were allowed but the new version allows multiplayer configuration. Additionally, the zombies have returned

Final Thought

The top-selling game in the US was black ops. It is the twelfth inclusion in the call of duty edition. Further, it is the third inclusion in the black ops family. It works best on PS4 and Xbox. However, the game can work on PS3 but not quality.

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